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Reduced Fee Offer:

If you or you spouse is a teacher, fireman, law officer, employed full-time taking care of special needs children or regular active military we are going to do 5 reversals this summer at a substantial reduction in our usual fees. We will interview candidates; documentation of income and employment will be required. Not everyone who applies will be accepted you will need to fill out a health history form and we will try to get a copy of your op note. There is no charge for evaluation.

We would like to thank the everyone who participated in this summer’s Reduced Fee Offer. We are now reviewing applicants to make our final decision, and will not be accepting anymore applications this year.

Welcome to Lakeshore Surgical Center. We specialize in tubal ligation reversal, also known as a tubal reversal, an operation to repair tied or obstructed fallopian tubes. For most women, a tubal reversal is the most cost effective treatment to get pregnant after a tubal ligation. Many women who have been told their only hope is through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or similar technologies can get pregnant and have a baby at a fraction of the cost and with much less risk with tubal ligation reversal.

Dr. William Greene, Jr., M.D. is the medical director at the Lakeshore Tubal Reversal Center, and has more than 34 years of experience in tubal surgery. Dr. Greene’s state-of-the-art tubal reversal clinic includes the latest in microsurgery technology and a highly trained staff. We specialize in tender loving care. Our years of experience in outpatient surgeries of all types have prepared us to keep you comfortable and relaxed. We realize that decisions about pregnancy and parenthood are difficult enough, and we will do everything we can to make your experience an enjoyable one.

We encourage you to spend some time on our site and read the testimonies of past patients. Learn about tubal ligation reversal and about Dr. Greene. Read about the things we do to keep you at peace in both mind and body. Our tubal reversal procedure is a proven and effective means of giving people another chance at pregnancy and parenthood at tubal ligation.

Some Recent Questions & Answers:

“I have an Essure tubal ligation and I have been referred for IVF (in vitro fertilization) but the doctor told me that I have to have the Essure devices removed before they can do IVF. Can you do that?” Click here to see Dr. Greene’s Answer.

“I am considering tubal reversal but I have concerns about care after the operation. What can you tell me about that?” Click here to see Dr. Greene’s Answer.

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