Following Essure Reversals Will I Need To Deliver Via Cesarean Section?

The process that our facility uses we do not cut a hole in the uterus to reverse our Essure patients. We put the tube in the uterus in the hole that’s normally there. The first thing we do is to remove the Essure devices microsurgically, without cutting the uterus in any way. If a patient comes to us to just have the Essures removed we do the same thing, no cutting a hole in the uterus!

For an Essure reversal, when a patient wishes to have more children, the next step is to dilate the tiny natural hole in the uterus. This is done using tiny silver wire dilators that are each slightly larger than the previous one. Once we have used all the silver wire dilators we us stainless steel dilators to get the natural hole large enough to accept the tube. The final step is to sew the healthy tube in the natural hole in the uterus.

We have seen a report about a doctor who cuts a hole in the uterus to reverse Essures having a patient rupture her uterus at 39 weeks. The patient was not in labor. Uterine rupture is frequently fatal to the baby and can be fatal to the mother too. I have no issue with how anyone does reversals. Every doctor has to choose what’s best for his or her patients based on their ability to do the best and safest job. The way we do Essure reversals takes a little longer and requires two surgeons to do but we feel it is the best way for our patients.

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