I Have Concerns About Surgery My Doctor Has Recommended And I Want a Second Opinion But My Doctor Says It Is a Waste of Time.

There have been estimates that 40% of all surgeries are either unnecessary or could be handled in a simpler less dangerous way. If you are proposing a surgery that is a good idea you should welcome a patient’s decision to get a second opinion. Chances are they will come back to you reassured that they have made a good choice in selecting you as a doctor. Many of the patients that come her for reversal surgery were sent by their local physicians for IVF (test-tube baby) and were horrified at the cost in time and money. They realized that it was safer, cheaper, and more likely for them to conceive if they had their tubal ligations reversed. One of many reasons that Dr. Turner and I love doing tubal reversals is that there is no doubt the surgery is clearly a good idea. A woman with a tubal ligation clearly needs help to conceive and tubal reversal has obvious advantages.

-Dr. William Greene

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