My Sister Was Told By Her Gynecologist That he Could Remove Ger Essure Device by Doing a Hysterectomy Have You Heard About This?

We probably have an inquiry about hysterectomy to remove an Essure once a week. This is a bad choice to remove an Essure. Just last week a patient, who has had a hysterectomy to remove her Essure sent us an X-ray that shows both are still there. I am going to ask her permission to use that picture on our website with her name covered up to protect her privacy. We also were recently contacted by a patient whose doctor told her that he could remove her tubes to get rid of the Essure. That approach would leave the part of the Essure in the uterus still inside of her. The most important thing to consider should be the risk associated with hysterectomy. One patient in a thousand who has a hysterectomy dies from the operation. People will say “my insurance will pay for a hysterectomy” but not the $4500 you charge to remove them microsurgically. When you consider the deductible you will pay and lost wages for 2 or 3 weeks recovery there is not much to be saved by undergoing an unnecessary and dangerous operation.

-Dr. William Greene

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