Tubal Reversal Experience

You may have noticed Dr. Turner and I never tell people that we are the most experienced or that our results are the best or anything to imply that we are better than anyone else. The reason is it’s against the law in most states and its always unethical. We just did our 3000th tubal reversal last summer, you can see from the testimonials on this website that patients are generally very happy with the service we provide patients, and their outcomes.

We don’t alter our statistics by including ectopic pregnancies because an ectopic pregnancy is not a viable pregnancy.  Ectopic pregnancy is a risk of tubal reversal and our rate is 2.5% not 10 – 30%, as we have seen posted at other facilities. We only do Tubal Reversals and Essure Reversal or Removals for women, in our licensed, accredited surgical center. I really don’t know who the best tubal reversal surgeon in the world is. I think I can say for sure that he or she does not say that he or she is and I’m sure Dr. Turner and I are near the top of the list.

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