What do you think about my having laparoscopy to see if my tubes are reversible?


Very, very few tubal ligations are not reversible. Of the patients who come to us for tubal reversal, one person in 100 cannot be reversed, dye tested and sent home ready to conceive. Unless a doctor has a lot of experience doing reversals, he or she is not qualified to tell if a patient can be reversed. We are aware of a doctor who offers laparoscopy for $1500 prior to reversal surgery. If he feels a patient cannot be reversed, he refunds the $6400 fee he charges for reversal. I am not aware if they refund the hotel expenses, $125 scheduling fee or the $500 dollars in lab work he requires you to get before you come.

If we did what that doctor does, we would charge 99 patients almost a total of $150,000 to find the one person in 100 that we cannot reverse. A very good deal for the doctor and a very poor deal for the patients. The bottom line is we can almost certainly reverse your tubes and to charge you extra to look first is an unnecessary expense for you.

Many patients will tell us that the doctor who tied their tubes told them “there is no way this can be undone”. The microsurgical tubal reversal technique to reverse tubes is relatively new and not many doctors are aware of its potential to help women get pregnant again. The medical journal of the American Fertility Society: Fertility and Sterility just reported last year on the cost and effectiveness of microsurgical tubal reversal (Vol 104, No. 1, July 2015). This journal is devoted to advanced technologies like IVF and they have recognized that microsurgical tubal reversal is a good idea for most woman under 41 years of age and even some over 41.


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