Will taking a low-dose aspirin every day will increase my chances of getting pregnant, what do you think?

This started in the blogosphere based on an article published in (Lancet 2014; 384:29-36) that mentioned.  patients who miscarry and either take low dose aspirin or don’t. Women who took low dose aspirin after a miscarriage got pregnant quicker than those who didn’t. There was no attempt to see the effect on women who didn’t miscarry to see if it helped them get pregnant more quickly.

The only proven pre-conception need for women is to take a vitamin with folic acid in it. If you miscarry, you might want to take low dose aspirin as long as you don’t have a medical condition that makes it a bad idea. Aspirin allergy is very rare and when associated with nasal polyps (also rare) can be rapidly fatal. Best to ask your doctor if you are not sure.

The take-home message here may be that if you see something on the internet it may not be accurate. In the area if infertility, there is so much ridiculous nonsense floating around that you need to be very careful. The reality is that women who are having problems with reproduction can be searching for something to help them. There are people who take advantage. The Lancet study was to see if there is any advantage to waiting to try to conceive after a miscarriage and there is not. There are other reasons why a woman may not take low-dose aspirin such as being on anticoagulants and a history of bleeding problems, to name a few so stick with the vitamin with folic acid unless you talk to your doctor.


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