Driving Distances from Nearby Cities

People come to our licensed, accredited surgical center from every state in the United States and foreign countries. This page gives driving distances from cities in the states surrounding Georgia to help you see how close we are to you. Gainesville, Georgia is 45 minutes north from Atlanta.


North Carolina

Charlotte: 201 miles down I-85.

Chapel Hill: 335 miles down I-40 to I-85

Raleigh-Durham: 339 miles I-85

Winston Salem: 274 miles down I-85

Fayetteville:  360 miles I-95 to I-20 to I85


South Carolina

Aiken 162 miles I-20 to US 78W

Anderson 78 miles I-85 south

Columbia 198 miles I-26, west I-85 south

Florence 279 miles I-20 I-85 south

Greenville 101 miles I-85 south



Daytona 485 miles I-95 north I-10 w I-75 north Exit 24 off 985

Gainesville 383 miles I-75 north Exit 24 off 985

Jacksonville 398 miles I-10 W I-75 north Exit 24 off 985

Miami 716 miles I-95 N Florida turnpike

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