Pregnancy after tubal ligation reversal is our goal!

Kymme B. - Belmont, NC
My husband and I have a blended family. We call ourselves the Barber Bunch. He has 2 sons from a previous marriage, I have a set of boy twins from mine. ... Read More

Lori S. - Madison, GA
I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Greene ... Read More

Latricia B.- Fayetteville, NC
... Read More

Melissa C. - Gainesville, GA
I had the reversal done on May 24, 2007 and would like to let you know and thank you for the two new joys in my life. ... Read More

Lorraine S. - St. Helena, SC
On November 30, 2006 I had my Tubal Reversal done by Dr. Greene. I did a lot of searching online and to be able to find such a person as Dr. Greene was heaven sent. ... Read More

Donya E. - Clinton, NC
I had my Tubal Reversal by Dr. Turner on May 23, 2008. ... Read More

Christina G. - Dallas, GA
I got my reversal done Feb 2007. We found out we were pregnant in May 2007. ... Read More

Tracy P. - Springville, TN
I had my Tubal Reversal two years ago this month, I have a beautiful 17 month old baby girl. ... Read More

Michelle P. - Abbeville, GA
I had my Tubal Reversal July 14, 2005. My precious baby boy was born April 17, 2006! ... Read More

Pamela M. - Smyrna, GA
I had a Tubal Reversal mid July of 2008 and I was pregnant in December 2008. ... Read More

Jennifer W. - Bonaire, GA
I just wanted to let everyone know how successful my Tubal Reversal was! ... Read More

Melissa W. - Omaha, NE
... Read More

Dayna G. - Buena Vista, GA
I would like to start by saying the Lakeshore Surgical Center is the dream come true place. ... Read More

Mekesha R. - Marble Hill, MO
My husband and I had 3 beautiful children, 18, 15, and 14 year olds. But my motherly wanting for another child was not going away. ... Read More

Trisha H. - Bessemer, AL
... Read More