Pregnancy after tubal ligation reversal is our goal!

Kim G. - Chatsworth, GA
PREGNANT AGAIN!!! I had my surgery in 03, one month later I got pregnant and we had a beautiful baby girl who truly is a "Joy'' to our lives. 6 weeks after I had our daughter I got my tubes clamped again. ... Read More

Sylvia F. - Valdosta, GA
We got pregnant several months after my reversal and now we have a beautiful baby girl. ... Read More

Amanda J. - Camden, SC
Very excited and the staff was great! ... Read More

Rebecca C. - Craig, NE
We waited to try so that we would have our baby around Christmas. ... Read More

Susan B. - Ellijay, GA
We had our reversal on July 30, 2003 and 5 months later we are pregnant. We already have two boys and found out on the ultrasound that we are now having a girl. ... Read More

Laurel B. - Bradford, AR
After careful consideration my husband and I decided to have another baby. We had a huge hurdle of course because I had my tubes tied about 4 years previously. I had never heard of a tubal reversal and did not even realize it could be done. ... Read More

Jessica B. - Grand Junction, CO
Our family would like to thank Lakeshore Surgical Center and a special thank you, to Dr. Greene for all that they have done. ... Read More

Amanda K. - Meansville, GA
I would like to start off saying how grateful we are to the doctors and staff at Lakeshore. We had a beautiful baby girl on December 13, 2007. ... Read More

Syreeta M. - Madison, FL
I came in to Lakeshore Surgical Center and had my tubal reversal on February 14, 2007. I had my first positive pregnancy test in April of 07. ... Read More

Maria W. - Cumberland, MD
This is the most wonderful group of medical professionals I have ever been to! The Dr was very informative and opens with his explanations and tips. ... Read More

Michelle Y. - Aurora, CO
We wanted to write and say thank you! You have made our dreams come true. We thought it would take a few months to get pregnant but we did not plan on the 1st time we tried it being a success. ... Read More

Caryn S. - Spring Hill, FL
I do not know how to thank Dr. Greene and his staff enough for the gift he has given my husband and I and my family in general. ... Read More

Amy S. - Goose Creek, SC
The chances of me having a successful tubal reversal were very slim. After trying IVF several times I finally spoke with Dr. Greene. He did not try to get my hopes up, but was very honest about the possibilities. ... Read More

Kerrin S. - Andover, MA
We are so excited and grateful to be welcoming our first child together in May 2007. We are expecting a son and could not be more excited! We had our surgery the first week of July and got pregnant in August! ... Read More

Susan S. - McDonough, GA
We wanted to tell you about the birth of our beautiful little girl. She was born on 04/10/04 @ 10:48 p.m., weighed 9 lbs. 10 oz. and was 21 inches in length. ... Read More