Pregnancy after tubal ligation reversal is our goal!

Sheila S. - Chester, OK
My little blessing turned 8months old today and I just wanted to say thank you once again. ... Read More

Julia S. - Laltabra, CA
We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest member. He was born on 1-21-07 healthy and happy! ... Read More

Maria S. - Springfield, MA
I had my tubes tied 16 years ago after I gave birth to my son. I was told that due to my medical condition that it would be too risky to get pregnant again--I was young, living in Hawaii, and thousands of miles away from my family. ... Read More

Tracie W. - Lake Worth, FL
I had my tubes cut at the very young age of 22 after my 3rd child. At thetime I thought it was the best thing to do. Little did I know that the relationship I was in was not going to work out and I was going to meet the man of my dreams 2 years later. ... Read More

Janet W. - Suwanee, GA
My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for all that you have done for us. ... Read More

Tabatha W. - Ellijay, GA
Thank you so much for helping our dream come true. I work in OB and believe me; I heard both sides from tubal to IVF from talented people in the field. ... Read More

Bekki W. - Belle Plaine, IA
HOLY BUCKETS! I just had my reversal done the end of April and already pregnant with baby #6 (have 5 at home already. ... Read More

Kimberly S. - Nixa, MO
I was a mother of four mother of five now :) I just had my first tubal reversal baby, when I remarried to a man without any children. ... Read More

Nikole S. - Denton, TX
From the moment that I had started to show with the pregnancy, people have asked me the most obvious question "are you pregnant?" lol. ... Read More

Deanna S. - Council Bluff, IA
I had my tubal reversal on 8/29/05. I found out I was pregnant about Feb/06. I want to thank Dr. Greene & staff for the great job. ... Read More

Stacy S. - Lafayette, GA
My husband and I could never thank you all for everything you have done for us. I had my tubal reversal on 2/12/04 and on 3/25/04 I found out that I was pregnant. ... Read More

Lori S. - Madison, GA
I had my surgery in April and in July I found out I was pregnant. WOW, what a miracle! ... Read More

Denise R. - Capitol Heights, MD
I am so blessed. I've had my tubes tied and burned in 3 places (Oct. 1995). I've always regretted having a tubal ligation. I'll never forget going to Kaiser Permanente to be let down. ... Read More

D'Andrea R. - Birmingham, AL
My husband and I just wanted to thank Dr. Greene for a job well done. I had my Tubal Reversal done on 03-09-05. ... Read More

Angela R. - Albertville, AL
Only 5 months after surgery and we are pregnant!!!!!! ... Read More