Date Posted: August 06, 2008
Anita M.
SE Dacatur, AL

To all that have hope, It all began in 1994, after the birth of my youngest child. At the time, the man I was married to did not consult me about having a tubal ligation procedure done after the birth of my child. He took it upon himself to let the doctor do it. So for many years I had hoped that I could have the reversal procedure done but it never happened. Years later my marriage had ended and then I began to really feel hopeless that I would ever have another child, first being I was not married, secondly, my tubes had been cut and burned and; lastly, my age. At the age of 36, I met my current husband; we were married a year later. Of course, one of the prerequisites was that he wanted to have more children, if possible. We have a blended family, I have two kids a daughter is 17 and a son who is 11 and he has a daughter who is 6 and a stepson who is 9. About a year after we were married and after allowing everyone to become adjusted to all the personality types we have in our new family we started the process of finding out about the Tubal Ligation Reversal, only to find out that our BC/BS Insurance would not cover the surgery. My thoughts a this point was time was ticking. I got to the point that, it did not matter if I was able to have a child at my age I just wanted to be put back the way I was before, before I had my son. Just knowing that something was taken from you so vital, is like being violated! I wanted my tubes put back together and I felt that if God chose to bless me with another baby then so be it. So, I continued looking for alternatives, better procedures, less expense, etc... One day I found the Lakeshore Surgical Center on the Web, of course I was a little leery about its reputation and so forth, and I checked into it and inquired. Sounded to good to be true, but it was not. The fee was reasonable and the facility was clean and relaxing and all the staff was knowledgeable and kind. June of 2004 my husband and I went to Georgia to have my tubal reversal. I checked into the hotel provided, had the lab work done and went to the surgery center the next morning for the surgery. All went well, I went back to the Hotel and slept for a while, then later that evening my husband and I went to eat dinner. Next day we headed home. I actually went to work that Monday. I was sore but not so bad I could not get up and move around. That was one of the reasons why I chose the procedure that Dr. Greene uses, most all the other doctors said it would be 4 to 6 weeks before I could get around normal and if I had someone else do it then, yes, it would have taken a lot longer recovery time. Forget that, I had to work and take care of my other kids. Time went by and no pregnancy, I was not really upset because I already had satisfaction knowing that my tubes were where they were suppose to be. The wrong had been righted! Then a tragedy happened, my stepson from my previous marriage who was 22 died in a motorcycle wreck, it was devastating! There was not much relaxing, the stress of dealing with such a loss, for myself and my two other children was extremely difficult. It effected their personality, their grades, everything! February my 39th birthday rolled around and I started hearing all these horror stories about women getting pregnant later in life and having all kinds of abnormalities, how tubal reversals never work. I heard and read it all!! Doctor said do not be anxious about it, make sure you are eating right, take a good vitamin and exercise regularly and same goes for your husband relax! So I let it go, I said to myself, if it happens it happens and if it do not it do not. It had been 8 months since my surgery, and six months since the tragedy. That month my husband and I went to Atlanta by our selves for the weekend he had a training class for work but mostly we relaxed, shopped and went out to eat. Next month, this past March I conceived, we could not believe it after all that had happened and we were not even trying at that point. It just happened. I found out when I went in for a routine visit, I was just a few weeks along. We were leery that it might be a tubal pregnancy because of all the scar tissue I had, but then I remember Dr. Greene saying to me that his procedure is done in such a way that he sows up the tubes from the inside out where there will be much less scar tissue. I also had the proper test done to insure that the fetus was in the right place. June 27th, I went to have my amino procedure, I was 17-18 weeks along and found out that our baby is a boy and he is healthy. My husband is so excited, he always wanted a son to carry on his family name and his ex-wife had her tubes tied after their daughter was born. All of our children are very excited and ask a million questions about the baby. I am excited because I feel very blessed that God has given me another son, it will not replace the one that was lost but, it is still truly a gift from Him and a lot of help from the Dr. Greene and staff members at Lakeshore Surgical Center for making it happen. Our baby boy is due December 6, 2005; the very day my daughter turns 18. I can not thank enough all who participated in this journey with me; everyone made me feel very special. I would recommend Dr. Greene and his staff to anyone who is contemplating having a reversal done. Children are truly a gift! Maybe I can have another after this one, the choice is mine to make.

Date of Reversal: June 25, 2004
Pomeroy Ligation
Left: 7cm Right: 8cm
Age at Time of Reversal: 38 years old
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