Date Posted: August 06, 2008
Crystal K.
Ventura, CA

We would like to thank Lakeshore Surgical Center. If not for the wonderful work of Dr. Greene and his staff, we would not have our precious new Baby boy. I had my tubes tied when I was 23 years old after the birth of my second son. We thought at that time our family was complete. Even though we had always wanted a girl, we went ahead and tied them anyway. After a few years, we started talking about having a girl. All the doctors we seen said that it would be impossible to have my tubes repaired and get pregnant. So we started looking into adoption. That turned into a long journey of phone calls and the disappointment of long waiting lists and lots and lots of money. So, we then looked into the IVF route. Boy, talk about lots of money, along with the mood swings, shots, and disappointment of failed treatments. After two of those, again we started looking for a doctor who would repair my tubes. One night I was up researching doctors, and came across Dr. Greene's website. I was not sure about using a doctor on the other side of the country, but I did further investigation into his work and decided to contact him. We faxed our reports and spoke with Dr. Greene on the phone. After our conversation and the odds were in our favor we booked our plane trip and surgery. We arrived at the center the day before my surgery and the nurses went over everything. That was very reassuring to feel like the entire staff really cared about your out come. The next day we arrived and underwent surgery. We returned home the following day, after about a week I was feeling pretty good. A year later we were still not pregnant, so I underwent a dye injection x-ray procedure to check my tubes they were completely open. Come to find out, it was not the tubes hindering us getting pregnant, this time it was issues of a low sperm count and not ovulating every month. So next was an IUI procedure, and it worked. Finally after 4 long years and the caring staff of doctors and nurses, we were finally pregnant. October 25, 2006 we were gifted with another beautiful baby boy. Such a wonderful gift, and none of this would have been possible without Dr. Greene and is staff. They gave us back the gift of a child, and we could not thank them enough. Now that my tubes are open and the fertility issues are corrected, we are considering another child in the next few years. Thank you Dr. Greene for giving me that option back.

Date of Reversal: June 19, 2004
Pomeroy Ligation
Left: 5cm Right: 6cm

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We do not ever release patient′s names. We feel you should have control over your medical decisions and information. We want you to know that we will never ask that of you. The tubal ligation reversal testimonials on our website are the words of the patients themselves we don′t change them except when they name their husband or something else that would give away their identity. In 32 years of surgery I have had a lot of patients that were kind enough to write a note of thanks and I never have had any message that was more than several sentences. People just don′t write long involved notes like I see on some websites.