Date Posted: August 01, 2008
Janet W.
Suwanee, GA

My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for all that you have done for us. I came in for surgery on 5/27/04 and on Christmas day of 2004 we had a positive pregnancy test! I went to the doctor to confirm my pregnancy on 12/29/04 and was told that everything is fine. During my post-op visit, you indicated that the condition of my tubes were very unique. My ESG test a few months later revealed that my tubes still had some blockage as a result of my condition, but to God be the glory, we are grateful and excited that this has happened. My anticipated due date is 8/30/05 and again we just wanted to say thanks for all that you have done to help make this pregnancy a success!

Date of Reversal: May 27, 2004
Clip Ligation
Left: 7cm Right: 8cm
Age at Time of Reversal: 35 years old
Our Policy on Testimonials
We do not ever release patient′s names. We feel you should have control over your medical decisions and information. We want you to know that we will never ask that of you. The tubal ligation reversal testimonials on our website are the words of the patients themselves we don′t change them except when they name their husband or something else that would give away their identity. In 32 years of surgery I have had a lot of patients that were kind enough to write a note of thanks and I never have had any message that was more than several sentences. People just don′t write long involved notes like I see on some websites.