Date Posted: August 17, 2010
Lisa B.
Gainesville, FL

I was 43 years old when Dr. Greene performed my Tubal Reversal in 2008. He gave me a very good report on the outcome. Since then I have not gotten pregnant but I still have a lot of hope. I have been to an RE, both my husband and I have passed every test along the way and had two failed IUI's done just this year. I do not have the financial means to go further with IVF, in which case, even if I did the RE told me they would only use donor eggs and I would not do that. The RE told me I look good on paper but because of my age I probably cannot get pregnant. The only problem he said I have is not enough cervical fluid, that was after he put me on two round of clomid. Now that I caught you up on that I would just like to tell you that both the gynecologist who sent me to the RE and the RE had negative attitudes from day one! Why? Because of my age! I could feel it everytime I went into the office, nurses too. Todays attitudes seem to be if over 40, you're done being a mom. I say that and I understand statistics, I'm talking about attitudes. It has hurt me just as much as not getting pregnant. I made the decision to go to Dr. Greene after praying about it and just getting that right feeling. I have no regrets and am still very happy I had Dr. Greene perform my surgery. He never gave me this attitude and no one in your office did either. I was treated so warm in your office and I had a very good experience! Also the only thing positive the other Doctors had to say was your tubes look very good, he did a good job on your Tubal Reversal. This was after I got the test to check if my tubes are open, as they were trying to convince me the surgery probably didn't work and my tubes were probably blocked. I just keep praying and hope it will still happen someday. If not, it just isn't meant to be. Thank you Dr. Greene, you are a great Doctor and without you I wouldn't even have hope, not even a chance!

Date of Reversal: January 17, 2008
Look & Go Procedure
Left: 7cm Right: 7cm
Age at Time of Reversal: 43 years old
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