Date Posted: May 06, 2010
Michelle C.
Melbourne, FL

Lakeshore Surgical Center really does make dreams come! After researching Tubal Reversals for months, and reading the many testimonials posted here, my husband and I knew that Lakeshore was right for us. Due to my age, we wanted to give ourselves the best possible chance for my new husband to have his first child. Having my tubes tied approximately 11 years ago, I was skeptical that the procedure would work for us. Dr. Greene and his staff have gone above and beyond my expectations of care for the women he serves. He is passionate about his work and his staff provides the needed comfort to help ease the anxiety and apprehension patients feel when having surgery. I was not expecting the amount of follow-up support that I have received from Dr. Greene's staff. They have all been wonderful and made this a very pleasant journey. We drove from Melbourne, FL to Gainesville, GA in March of 2009. We arrived with much excitement. My procedure went smoothly and I had very little post-operative pain. I was back to work within days and was pregnant by June. Unfortunately, we miscarried and experienced heart ache and pain I never knew I could endure. We were hesitant about trying again but knew that everything happens for a reason. My last cycle was August 15. We are now expecting a son in May 2010 and are thankful for our little miracle! He will join 2 older sisters and a loving extended family that can't wait for his arrival. Thank you again to Lakeshore for the chance of a lifetime!

Date of Reversal: March 10, 2009
Burn Ligation
Left: 7cm Right: 8cm
Age at Time of Reversal: 38 years old
Our Policy on Testimonials
We do not ever release patient′s names. We feel you should have control over your medical decisions and information. We want you to know that we will never ask that of you. The tubal ligation reversal testimonials on our website are the words of the patients themselves we don′t change them except when they name their husband or something else that would give away their identity. In 32 years of surgery I have had a lot of patients that were kind enough to write a note of thanks and I never have had any message that was more than several sentences. People just don′t write long involved notes like I see on some websites.