Date Posted: August 05, 2008
Nikole S.
Denton, TX

From the moment that I had started to show with the pregnancy, people have asked me the most obvious question "are you pregnant?" lol. The answer would be yes, but the statement I would give afterwards was the shocker. Then I found that people other people were interested in having a tubal reversal also... they would ask where did I go and they ask me about Lakeshore, and this is what I have to say about Lakeshore Surgical Center First the Staff: the staff at lakeshore are great!!! When I had a question about any and everything before the actual Reversal they ALWAYS did the Best that they could give or get me an answer. I was never rushed and if I needed the answer broken down then they took out the time to do it to make sure I understood, and that was just over the telephone. In person they are the same way. I remember them talking to me until I went to sleep on the surgical table. And that was very comforting for me. Till this day the Staff at Lakeshore still contacts me to make sure everything is going well. Dr. W. Greene: What I liked about Dr. Greene was that he talked to us in plain English. No heavy medical terms that would leave you questing and he was pretty up front and straight to the point. He did a great good on my tubes!!! And only 4 months later I was pregnant, and had a beautiful baby girl almost a year. to date from the surgery!!! So... to anyone reading this, trying to figure out which doctor's hands to put your hopes in. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. WILLIAM GREENE. I was once sitting in the pc chair making the same choice and I am so happy that I put my hopes and dreams into Dr. GREENE's hands. Because they were the best hands for me... THANK YOU ALL OF LAKESHORE SURGICAL CENTER for giving me a great start in making my "baby Jeorgia" dreams come true...

Date of Reversal: February 27, 2006
Pomeroy Ligation
Left: 6cm Right: 9cm
Age at Time of Reversal: 32 years old
Our Policy on Testimonials
We do not ever release patient′s names. We feel you should have control over your medical decisions and information. We want you to know that we will never ask that of you. The tubal ligation reversal testimonials on our website are the words of the patients themselves we don′t change them except when they name their husband or something else that would give away their identity. In 32 years of surgery I have had a lot of patients that were kind enough to write a note of thanks and I never have had any message that was more than several sentences. People just don′t write long involved notes like I see on some websites.