Date Posted: August 01, 2008
Tracie W.
Lake Worth, FL

I had my tubes cut at the very young age of 22 after my 3rd child. At the time I thought it was the best thing to do. Little did I know that the relationship I was in was not going to work out and I was going to meet the man of my dreams 2 years later. My husband and I have been together since June of 99 and married since June of 2002. I have 3 beautiful children already but my husband has none. We started discussing having more children and I started looking into the options available to us. We were looking into In-Vitro only to discover that the cost is Very high and the guarantee not nearly high enough. Our only other option we thought would be to adopt, which the cost was also very high and the paperwork even higher. We were at a loss, my husband so badly wanted to have a child of his own. I started to do more research and discovered what was not at all possible when I had my tubes cut is now possible today, and that procedure was a Tubal Reversal. When I discovered this, I thought to myself, this is the answer to our prayers. My husband and I researched several surgical centers all over the US, when we found Lake Shore Surgical Center. We both agreed that this was the place to make our dream come true. The staff at the center went out of their way to help us get everything set up and work around our busy schedules. We set the surgery for October 20 and started our drive to GA on Oct 18. Dr. Greene made us feel very comfortable and explained everything to us and eased all our fears. The nurses and doctors took excellent care of me before, during and after the surgery, and continued to follow up with me after the surgery to make sure everything was ok. I found out I was pregnant on January 30. We are all so very excited about Baby. Thank you Dr. Greene and the Staff at Lakeshore Surgical Center for answering our prayers.

Date of Reversal: October 20, 2005
Burn Ligation
Left: 7cm Right: 8cm
Age at Time of Reversal: 30 years old
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