Essure Removal

The Essure Removal procedure is for patients who would like their Essure coils removed but have their tubes ligated so that they will NOT become pregnant again.

The Essure Removal procedure was developed due to the increased demand from patients who wanted their Essure coils removed. Even though our facility specializes in Tubal Reversals we began to offer this removal procedure because we saw that in the beginning of performing the Essure Reversal that we had at least a third of our patients that did not want to get pregnant they just wanted to have their coils removed.

The Essure Removal procedure is a microsurgical procedure that takes about a 1/2 hour. During the procedure a 2-3” incision is made right above the pubic hairline. Our doctors then remove the part of the fallopian tube where the Essure coil has been implanted and remove the ENTIRE coil. Then the remaining Fallopian tube is ligated as to not restore the patients fertility or allow them to not get pregnant following the procedure.

We have been contacted by many Essure patients who are experiencing adverse reactions from the Essure device. Some of these issues include heavy bleeding, cramping, joint problems and metallic taste in their mouth, etc. We do not guarantee removal of the Essure device will change any particular symptom but the results that we have gathered from patients who had symptoms, following their procedure shows that removal of their coils is very helpful.

We urge people considering an Essure to be tested for allergy to nickel especially if they have had skin reactions to gold jewelry before. Most people do very well with Essures but those who do have problems are very unhappy with their choice.

Essure does not have to be a permanent, and does not require a hysterectomy or removal of the complete fallopian tube to do so.

Please call our office and speak to a Case Management Specialist if you have any additional questions or email our office.

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9 Responses to Essure Removal

  1. Denise Penn says:

    I want my Essure devices removed. They were implanted Oct 22, 2013 and I have had nothing but issues since. Can someone please email me back on how to go about this with your practice?
    Thank you.

  2. cynthia silva says:

    hi i had the essure placed in last year and want a reversal. how much is the cost and what are the risks?

  3. shoshana dolson says:

    I opted to use Essure implants because of my lifestyle. They were placed in 4/2008. I have 2 coils on the left side and 1 on the right. I did not believe I would ever want to have any more children. However, life changes and my fiance and I are very interested in investing in having our own child. I am 36 years old now. We would be looking at 2-3 years to (hopefully) becoming a parent (again).
    What would I need to undergo to successfully conceive? My last child was 27 week-born and preclampsia took out my uterine lining. An emergency c-section was performed. It left me afraid to conceive ever again as I was warned that I may endanger myself and possible fetus as well should I become pregnant again. What is best to determine wether we should invest in this procedure? I did, however, read about the Essure poking the uterus, therefore making IVF far less effective.
    Thank you.

  4. Deloren Allen says:

    I would like to know if someone can help me to remove my essure I be in a lot of pain from it and houston ack like it cannot be remove and they say it’s perment but I go online and it can be remove

  5. Juanita Hernandez says:

    I had Essure inserted in 2011 after my 3rd child. After 2 years I had tons of pelvic pain and no ob/gyn was willing to help except 1 had offered a hysterectomy. Being only 26 years old I did not want to have a hysterectomy. I went to Lakeshore for removal by Dr. Greene! After removal I had symptoms and pains disappear that I had no idea were related to the Essure device. I am thankful for Dr. Greene and all his staff for the impact they made on my life. On November 6, 2014, it will be 1 year since my removal! I haven’t stopped thanking Dr. Green yet.
    Some of the side effects I had and disappeared after surgery include:
    Pelvic pain, recurring bacterial infections, back pain, hair loss, fatigue, loss of libido, depression, unexplainable weight gain, and much more!
    Thank you Lakeshore! My family and I thank you so much!

  6. Ashley says:

    HI i’m looking to have essure removed and would like to know more on how much you cost and what are the risk? I had essure place 2/14/14 and i’ve had really bad issues, no period, chronic pain, no energy, and i have a nickel allergy and my impant/obgyn Dr knew this prior to getting the coils in.

  7. Tonia says:

    I would like to have my essure device removed, NOT to become pregnant.

  8. jessica keily says:

    Is there away I can become pregnant again if I have the essure removed ? I have had this done for almost 3 years . I hare having essure I Have nothing but problems and I want to have a baby . Is there anything u can do ? How much is this to have it done to have a baby? How long will it take to get pregnant. I have bad credit and don’t have the money at this time do u have any loan places or payment plan to work with me so I can get this done ? Please email me back so I know what I need to do and how much money I need to come up with so I can have a baby :) Thanks for your time Jess

  9. lakeitha says:

    i am looking to have Essure removed , have begun to have issues with my health.

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