Pregnancy after tubal ligation reversal is our goal!

Former IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Patients
We were told three years ago that in vitro was our best bet because tubal reversal success rates were much lower, so we listened to the doctor even though that wasnt the route that we wanted to take and tried in vitro twice, and the result was two miscarriages. ... 
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Patricia B. - Aroma Park, IL
In December of 2005 we tried IVF. We were told that it was our only option. Needless to say, it didn't work. So I started researching reversal Dr.'s, and was impressed by Dr. Greene's procedure as well as his success rate. Now, I will be 40 in two months and am expecting my 2nd reversal baby. ... 
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Patients with the Essure Tubal Occlusion
Kelly N. - Casper, WY
Again and again we had been told that the Essure could not be reversed. Dr. Greene and his staff were able to reverse it for us. We are now looking forward to getting pregnant and having a baby. ... Read the rest of this message →

Mindy C. - Wrentham, MA
I am both grateful and in awe as to how quickly my issues/symptoms went away. My menstrual period went from 7-8 days with miserable PMS and cramping, back to my pre-Essure routine of 4 days with only first day cramping. No PMS at all and even that first day of cramping is 1000% better than the 25 months of extended discomfort I endured with the Essure. I also feel much more in balance in that way that one can\'t quite put their finger on until the issue goes away. ... Read the rest of this message →

Patients with One Tube and/or One Ovary
Angela H. - Jefferson, GA
After 3 failed rounds of IVF and being told I couldn\'t have a reversal by other doctors I found Lakeshore Surgical. I was told that if it could be done he could do it. I was able to have my remaining tube \"untied\". One year and 5 months later I gave birth to my newest little man. ... Read the rest of this message →

Lisa J. - Atlanta, GA
He was able to reverse my one remaining tube (first lost to ectopic) and within a year I was pregnant ... Read the rest of this message →

Patients 40 Years of Age and Over
Loretta H. - Cheyenne, WY
I was already 39, But 2 years later I was pregnant ... Read the rest of this message →

Catherine D. - Lexington, SC
Just the fact that I was pregnant after 9 years of having my tubes tied, and at the age of 40 was very exciting for us. ... Read the rest of this message →

Patients 30 Years of Age to 40 Years of Age
Rhonda A. - Gainesville, FL
I just wanted to tell Dr. Greene Thank you for his wonderful work! ... Read the rest of this message →

Jessica K. - Toledo, OR
What we loved about Lakeshore Surgical Center was not only that we successfully got pregnant, but Dr. Greene and his staff are wonderful. When we first met Dr. Greene and the staff, they went through the entire procedure with us in our terms. We both felt comfortable and knowledgeable about the process. ... Read the rest of this message →

Patient 20 Years of Age to 30 Years of Age
Monica R. - Monterey, TN
We have been truly blessed and are so happy we chose Lakeshore. ... 
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Christina J. - Candler, NC
I want every family who is considering Lakeshore and Dr. Greene to know you could not go wrong. ... Read the rest of this message →

Patients Requiring Neofimbrioplasty Procedure
Martika M. - Whigham, GA
Dr. Greene performed a tubal reversal and a bilateral neofimbrioplasty. He said that it may take a while before I conceive. It only took one year and a couple months and we were pregnant. ... Read the rest of this message →

Patients with No Ligation Operative Notes Look and Go Procedure)
Olga S. - Philadelphia, PA
I followed everything that Dr. Greene told me to do and on June 3, I found out that I'm pregnant! I'm so happy and excited, and still sometimes can't believe it really happened and so fast. ... Read the rest of this message →

Teresa D. - Windsor, SC
I was 40 at the time of my surgery. You all did a fantastic job and it only took me a year and six months to get pregnant. ... Read the rest of this message →