Darnita T.

Darnita ThomasIn 2003 I had my son and I requested to have my tubes tied. I never planned on having another baby, but years later I met my husband and wanted another baby. I thought all hope was gone, so I started looking for different opportunities. I still was skeptical that it wouldn’t work. I stepped out on faith and found Lakeshore Surgical Center and made the trip from Detroit, Michigan. I couldn’t have been happier. It took some years to have my bundle of joy. I was blessed to meet Dr. Greene, Melissa, and Janice. Melissa and Janice are especially the best I have ever met. I love them and are truly grateful for them. If anyone out there is planning to go there, believe me when I tell you that Lakeshore is the best. Please go to them, you won’t be disappointed.

Doctor Who Performed Your TR Surgery: Dr. Greene
Date of Tubal Reversal: April 27, 2012
Age at Time of Reversal: 33
Type of Tubal Ligation: Pomeroy
Finished Length of Tubes:
     Right: 7cm     Left: 7cm

Darnita T.

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