Melissa B.

Melissa BusbinIn 2009 after having 3 children I decided to have my tubes tied. As we know, life events can change our plans. In 2012, I was remarried to a man who did not have children. We made the decision to have my surgery reversed as part of our honeymoon trip. The surgery was done in April, but we decided to wait to get pregnant until we bought a home almost a year later. After closing on our home in 2013, I stopped birth control. We became pregnant in October and without complication or incident our Tubal Reversal baby was born July 30. Thank you Lakeshore Surgical for your help with our blessing!

Doctor Who Performed Your TR Surgery: Dr. Greene
Date of Tubal Reversal: April 4, 2012
Age at Time of Reversal: 34
Type of Tubal Ligation: Rings
Finished Length of Tubes:
     Right: 12cm     Left: 8cm

Melissa B.

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