Rebecca B.

Rebecca BrownIn March of 2015 we came in for our Tubal Reversal. My husband and I had his and my kids but none of our own together. I have to admit, I got discouraged a few times but I held onto Gods promise. Finally in March of 2017 our baby was conceived. April 30th we found ourselves crying happy tears over that pee stick haha. On May 4th (my 41st birthday) my 20 year old daughter found out she was pregnant. Her and her husband were married in March. On December 19th our beautiful baby boy was welcomed into the world. 10 days later my grandson was born. I am so thankful to God, Dr. Greene, and Lakeshore staff for all that you did for us. Thank you for the blessed opportunity to become parents again. You turned our dream into reality.

Doctor Who Performed Your TR Surgery: Dr. Greene
Date of Tubal Reversal: March 9, 2015
Age at Time of Reversal: 38
Type of Tubal Ligation: Parkland
Finished Length of Tubes:
     Right: 8cm     Left: 11cm

Rebecca B.

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