Do you guarantee pregnancy after tubal ligation reversal?

No. We guarantee to do the very best job we can to do everything to make sure you get pregnant. That’s it. I would be cautious, myself, with anyone who wanted to do a surgical procedure on someone in my family and guaranteed a result.

People are so different that no one can tell for sure if any surgical procedure will work. The guarantee plans that I have seen usually involve raising the price and promising to give some money back if things don’t go as expected as long as you meet certain conditions.

We are not selling appliances or painting your house, we are a surgical center devoted to restoring fertility by reversing tubal ligations. The only guarantee we give is one of devoted, concentrated effort.

We use the best equipment and drugs we can find to do your reversal. We sew you tubes from the inside out, which sews them together as well as open, and we dye test them before we finish to make sure they are properly repaired. We feel that all these things give you a better chance. They are more expensive for us to do, they take more time and skills to perform and that I do guarantee.

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