How do I get an appointment to have tubal reversal surgery?

The first step to get an appointment is to fill out the health history form and release so we can get your op note and see if you can be reversed. We prefer to look at your op note but if we cannot get one, or it is unclear, we can work around it.

If you can have a tubal reversal and you want one; you select a date and secure it with a $1,500 dollar deposit. This deposit is not refundable but it reserves a day for you and lets you make travel plans, childcare arrangements or work leave knowing exactly when we will do your reversal. You only need to come once to our facility. You don’t have to come for a consultation, go home and come back for your procedure. Anyone who wishes to can come and tour the facility and meet us at no charge or obligation.

The balance of your tubal reversal fee, $5,400 dollars, has to be paid 2 weeks prior to you surgery date.

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