How long before I can go back to work?

Our process of tubal reversal is designed from beginning to end to minimize your discomfort both in the process and after you go home. We have done so many reversals that we can do them through a 2 to 3 inch incision. The pain that patients feel after pelvic surgery is usually incisional pain; tubal ligation reversals are no different. The smaller the incision, the less the pain and the sooner you feel like going back to work.

Our patients often will express concerns that they will hurt themselves or undo the reversal if they go back to work too early. This is extremely unlikely; your incision is very strong and designed for you to get up and around right away. If you just feel like you will need to hang around the house we will write you a note, if you need one, for your employer.If you do too much too soon you are unlikely to damage the incision or the reversal you just will be uncomfortable longer than you would have if you had taken it a bit easier.

If you had your tubal ligation through laparoscopy, you should be pleasantly surprised when you have a reversal in our clinic. Patients tell us all the time that it was less uncomfortable to have their reversal than it was to have the tubal ligation in the first place.

When we have put your tubes back together and dye tested them to make sure they are open we close the incision in layers injecting a long acting anesthetic in each layer as we go. This anesthetic reduces your discomfort in the first 24 hours and as a result, you move around more than you would without it. Moving around after surgery helps healing, you feel better sooner and you go back to work earlier.

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