How long does the tubal reversal operation take?

I have often thought I should get a small sign with “one to one and a half” hours printed on it to hide in my pocket. Everyone asks this question when I first meet them. I could just pull out the card. People would think I’m a magician.

Since we close the tubes in layers and dye test the tubes it takes us a little longer to do a tubal reversal. We find that occasionally we are surprised when we look inside the abdomen because there are problems that were not expected based on the information we had prior to surgery, We will fix whatever we can to improve your chances of getting pregnant. We do not charge for these extra things and we don’t look for problems we just do what’s needed.

The extra time we spend closing the tube in layers is so that the tube is both sewn open and together. It takes longer than just sewing the tube around the outside but we feel it gives a better result. When tubal reversals were first done the doctors described the separate layers of the fallopian tube and their technique consisted of closing each layer separately. This layered closure is more natural because each layer of tissue is directly joined to the same type of tissue. No one knows for sure if it is any better than sewing around the outside but we feel it is worth the extra time because the dye we test your tubes with flows through the tube better when we do it this way. If you have an Essure tubal device the operation will take about an hour longer than usual.

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