I’m coming from out of state and I’m worried about the long trip home after tubal reversal surgery?

This is a very common concern, but not a real problem. We check you the morning of the day after your surgery and make sure you are okay. Occasionally a patient who drove for their tubal reversal will break the trip home into two days instead of driving straight through. Other than that, our patients do not have travel problems.

We expect patients to express concern that something bad can happen after the surgery. The concept of outpatient tubal ligation reversal is relatively new. Most doctors that do tubal reversals don’t do as many as I do and need a much bigger incision to do one. With a bigger incision there is more pain, it is harder to resume normal activities and usually a hospital stay to recover. The small incision [2 to 3 inches] lets you travel home the next day.

At Lakeshore Surgical Center the only thing we do is tubal ligation reversal. The morning after your surgery, we will examine you and you should be fine to travel. The combination of long-acting nerve blocks, a very small skin incision, and careful microsurgical technique make post-op discomfort minimal. You should have less discomfort than you did when your tubes were tied.

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