I’m coming from out of state; can you help me with travel plans?

We frequently get emails from patients who say “I really like your website but could you recommend someone near my home, I don’t want to travel”. It may be a concern for you. We have patients from all over the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii. We have an awful lot of patients from California.If you want to restore your fertility you need to consider a facility, like ours, that does a lot of reversals. Come here; go to one of the others that do a lot of these operations because experience counts.

If you are going to get a tubal ligation reversal for less than $7,000 dollars you are going to have to come to the southeastern United States.

We are less than 1 hour from the Atlanta airport and flights to Atlanta are often cheaper because it is a hub for airline travel. You may have to fly farther to get to Lakeshore Surgical Center but it will cost you less. You can compare flight costs at a web address such as Travelocity.com. If you don’t have access to a computer we will mail them to you.

You can get maps and travel distances at maps.yahoo.com.

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