I’m concerned about traveling a long way for tubal reversal; what can you tell me to help me feel more comfortable about that?

We have patients that come from all over the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii for tubal reversals. If you are concerned about travel, you are not the first. There seem to be two levels of concern, one is travel after surgery and one is travel of any kind. There are lots of things that we do to make sure you are comfortable to travel the day after your tubal ligation reversal.

By using a minilaparotomy technique, the incision is very small and healing is very rapid. Most patients are ready to go back to work in 3 or 4 days so travel the day after surgery should be comfortable. We try to be very gentle with your tissues and we do not use mechanical retractors to hold the skin apart when we do your tubal reversal.

During your tubal ligation reversal we put long lasting anesthetic in each layer so that pain is reduced in the post operative period. This anesthetic has worn off by the time you leave the next day but because you have little pain in the immediate postop period your body is not expecting to hurt and you feel a lot more comfortable on the way home. We give you strong pain medicine to take home, at no charge, in case you need it.

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