I’m scared to have an anesthetic. What can you tell me about that?

A lot of little things add up to a good anesthetic experience. Some things come into play that you might not think would make a difference. We feel that having you come the day before your tubal ligation reversal is important for your comfort. The opportunity to meet us the day before and tour the facility helps you settle down and feel more comfortable with the tubal reversal experience. The first visit is also used to get your paperwork completed. Many patients are anxious about the consent forms and it’s nice to have time to explain the tubal reversal consent and reassure you.

When we do your surgery, we inject each layer with a long-acting anesthetic. This is critical to your comfort because it gives your body a chance to heal without the strain of pain in the anesthetized tissues.

We use a very expensive type of anesthetic gas, [Sevoflurane] that wears off very quickly so that you wake up quickly. This gas is 8 times as expensive as the more common gases but it is particularly suited to outpatient surgeries. We use another drug [Anzimet] that is particularly effective for nausea and we give you a dose of drugs before you wake up to prevent you from having nausea after your tubal reversal. Even though these drugs are very expensive to use, they are part of our commitment to your comfort. Of course, there is no extra charge.

Our patients who come for a tubal reversal will often tell us about previous bad anesthetic experiences only to tell us after their tubal reversal that they can’t believe how well they did in our center. Our anesthesia staff specializes in outpatient surgeries and it shows.

The anesthesia is really only necessary so that you are very still while we are doing the microscopic part of your procedure. .

Our surgical center has a full complement of emergency equipment, should it be needed. We are a completed accredited free standing surgical center, just recently reaccredited by The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care We are just around the corner from 2 fully equipped hospitals should we need to use them. We have never had any anesthesia complications with any of our patients but we are ready if we ever do.

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