I’ve been told my only hope is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), should I consider tubal reversal?

Many patients have been referred by their own obstetricians for IVF when reversal would make a lot more sense in every way. Not everyone is a candidate for reversal after tubal ligation but it should be the first thing you do rather than the last.

Cost of IVF vs Tubal Reversal

If you have talked to an infertility specialist that does IVF they likely have recommended that you try IVF rather than tubal ligation reversal. IVF is generally at least $10,000 dollars every time you try. Tubal ligation reversals are $6,900 dollars in our clinic and you can try month in, month out. IVF has a success rate of about 22% per attempt and the overall success rate with tubal reversal can be as high as 75%. The math is not too tough; tubal ligation reversal makes economic sense for you, for the infertility specialist IVF makes better economic sense.

Because, like everything else, money seems to come into play we occasionally see patients who can afford tubal reversal but could never consider IVF because of the cost.

After evaluation, it may be that their chances are not the best for reversal of their tubal ligation and IVF would be better if they could afford it, but they can’t. To these patients I say that they may want to consider tubal ligation reversal even though it may not be the best medical choice because it is their only economic choice. If you look at the testimonials on this website, you see women who had IVF, it did not work and then got a tubal reversal here and got pregnant and had a baby. To be fair, we had a women who came here for a tubal reversal, did not get pregnant and the did conceive with IVF. She waited less than a year so she may have turned to IVF prematurely. The bottom line is that if the only thing keeping you from being pregnant is that your tubes are tied try reversal first; come here, go somewhere else but get them reversed.

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