Lakeshore Tubal Reversal Center Staff

Front Row (From Left to Right): Dr William Greene, Jr., Bob Engstrom, Rick Wood, CRNA, Dr. Wendell Turner

Back Row (From Left to Right): Cecilia Bates, Janice Cagle, Sharon Stewart, Susan Greene, Jeannie Lapole, DD Davis

  • Dr. William Greene, Jr.: Medical Director, Tubal Reversal Specialist.
  • Bob Engstrom: Operating Room Surgical Tech.
  • Rick Wood: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.
  • Dr. Wendell Turner: Tubal Reversal Specialist.
  • Cecilia Bates: Office Manager.
  • Janice Cagle: Tubal Reversal Case Management Specialist.
  • Sharon Stewart: Operating Room/Medical Manager, Certified Medical Assistant.
  • Susan Greene: Operating Room Surgical Tech.
  • Jeannie Lapole: Tubal Reversal Case Management Specialist.
  • DD Davis: Patient Care Specialist.
  • Nicole Mixon: Business Financial Manager. (Not Pictured)
  • Dr. Trina Juzang: Anesthesiologist. (Not Pictured)

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