Pregnancy after tubal reversal: How long before I will be ready to try to conceive?

Unless your reversal is particularly difficult, you may try as soon as you like. I am aware that some people say you should wait several months before trying but our experience is that most can try as soon as they want. We always dye test our patient’s tubes and every once and a while we are not satisfied with the dye test so we take the tube back apart to redo the tubal reversal. We remove the sutures and have to pull the tube apart because the tissues are already healing in a matter of minutes. We have recently been able to secure the tubes of our Essure reversal patients in a way that permits them to begin trying right away.

We always have plenty of time after your tubal reversal to discuss your results and if we need you to wait before trying to conceive we will tell you then. We used to tell patients to wait a month but we noticed that few were paying any attention because some were getting pregnant right away.


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