Tubal ligation reversal: Hospital vs. Clinic

I’ve talked to a doctor who quoted fee of $25,000.00 including several hospital days for a tubal ligatin reversal. Wouldn’t I be safer in a hospital?

No you would not. We will not do your surgery in our outpatient center if you have problems that would make it unsafe for you. This question has been extensively studied and reported in medical journals. Because surgical centers like ours are focused on one or two procedures rather than a multitude of different operations they can spot something unusual more easily. If you do the same thing day in and day out you get in a rhythm.

Lakeshore Tubal Reversal Center is fully accredited and licensed just like any hospital and the accredidation is done by an outside organizaion. The accredidation process involves examination of every aspect of our facility; the way the center was constructed, how we handle medications, our emergency plans, patient satisfaction questionnaires, how we maintain our equipment, the security of our medical records, the status of our licenses and so on.

Now here is the real surprise. There are only three facilities that do a large number of tubal reversals, including our facility. Our facility is the only one of the three that only does tubal reversals and is an accredited surgical center. If you decide on reversal, and don’t come to our facility we recommend that you go to one of the other two. All of the three facilities, including ours, that do a lot of reversals, charge less than $7500. If anyone wants to reverse your tubes for more than $7500 they don’t do a lot of reversals and you would be better at one of the facilities whose speciality is tubal reversals.

This is the one time that you pay less and get more.

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