What can you tell me about the type of tubal ligation I had; will I be likely to get pregnant if I have a tubal reversal?

What can you tell me about the type of tubal ligation I had; will I be likely to get pregnant if I have a tubal reversal?

Patients who are considering tubal ligation reversal need to know that chances of a successful reversal of a tubal ligation depend a lot on how their tubes were tied in the first place. You have a better chance of success when your reversed tubes are longer, rather than shorter.

We can reverse the Essure type of tubal occlusion. This is a different type of procedure and those seeking reversal of the Essure contraceptive device should call for details.
Because the Essure device has only been available for 5 years, we are just now beginning to see women who want them reversed. Despite what anyone tells you (including the Essure manufacturer), they are reversable.

It is important to remember that most tubal ligations can be reversed. If you got pregnant easily before your tubes were tied you will probably get pregnant easily if you have a tubal reversal. If you do not get pregnant after tubal ligation reversal, chances are very good that your tubes will be wide open and not the reason you are not getting pregnant.

Because the tube is shaped like a trumpet or a very long funnel it is different widths throughout its length. Best results happen when the two pieces being sewn back together are close to the same width. When we do your tubal reversal we can narrow one side to match the other. Because we never more than 3 reversals a day, we can take the time necessary to match things up and we feel this is one advantage of our tubal reversals.

We occasionally have patients that do not get pregnant and get an X-ray to see if their tubes are open. Sometimes, patients will call and say one side or the other is blocked. The test is quite common but it is hard to do properly. If you think your tubes are closed and are going to get an X-ray make sure that you are premedicated with Brethine prior to the test. The uterus sometimes spasms when the X-ray dye is infused and Brethine , used with asthma, will stop the spasm. If you have spasms from the dye it will look like your tubes are blocked when they are not.

Sometimes patients need a little help after tubal reversal to get pregnant; a d&c, some pills to cure a low grade infection, some meds to help them ovulate. It usually is nothing drastic.

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