What do I do if I think I’m pregnant?

Three things need to be done the minute you miss a menstrual period. First you need to get one of the urine stick tests. If that is positive, you need a quantitative blood pregnancy test (an HCG test). The third thing is to get your doctor to order or do a vaginal ultrasound to make sure the baby is in the womb.

The concern with early pregnancy detection is ectopic or tubular pregnancy. Any time you have surgery on your tubes you increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy. This is true even if you just have your tubes tied. Like so many things in life, there is an easy way to fix this problem and a hard way. If you catch a tubal pregnancy early on you can treat it with a shot or pills. If you let it go on, you will end up having surgery and loose a tube. Wherever you go to have a tubal reversal I hope you remember this. If you come here for your tubal ligation reversal you will have a review session with me about ectopic pregnancy early detection and you will be given a cell phone number to call us any time you want.

We review all of our charts every 6 months to see what our pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy rates are. We are always between 2 and 5 % for ectopics, which is very low. I feel that closing the tube in layers and dye testing the repaired tube is responsible for our success with ectopic pregnancy. The most important factor is the patient being aware of the risk and empowered to act quickly.

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