What if I change my mind or can’t come on my surgery day?

We charge $1,500 dollars to secure an appointment. This reserves a day in our surgical center for your tubal reversal. There is a $500 rescheduling fee.

The balance of $5,400 dollars is due 2 weeks prior to your tubal ligation reversal appointment.

The simple reason for these rules is that we never do more than 3 tubal ligation reversals a day. Because most of our patients have to make travel plans, work and childcare arrangements several weeks prior to their tubal ligation reversals we have no way to fill empty days on short notice. The day is wasted if you don’t come. We just would have to sit and look at each other.

The advantage to you is that we concentrate on you. We have the time to give your reversal whatever special attention you need or want. If we did 5 or 6 reversals a day it would not matter as much if patients did not come for their appointments.

Dye testing tubes, what we do to make sure they are open before we wake you up] is time consuming and very expensive. We also close your fallopian tubes in two layers which also is time consuming. We cannot take the time to reverse your tubes the way we do it and do more than 3 reversals a day. All this means that this center is designated and reserved for you on that day and if you don’t show up that time is lost.

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