What if I have problems after surgery?

If you have problems they are most likely to be minor and in the first 24 hours after your tubal reversal surgery. That’s why we recommend you stay overnight the first day. Serious problems are very rare, but you will be given a pager number to call if you have any concerns at any time day or night. We will check on the day after your surgery to make sure everything is fine before you leave.

We never have had to transfuse, hospitalize or even treat a patient with antibiotics after surgery. That doesn’t mean it could not happen to you it just means that you would be the first. We sometimes hear from patients the night after their tubal reversal when they have concerns. That is why we have you stay locally so that you know we are nearby and we know that you are where we can easily see you if need be. The knowledge that help is easily at hand seems to be all the comforting that most tubal reversal patients need. We are just the same in person as we are on this website and we know that emotional comfort [you being a happy camper] means physical comfort [feeling comfortable]. When you leave after your tubal reversal it is extremely unlikely that anything you would do would disrupt the surgery you have had.

The operation we do is through a 2 to 3 inch incision, we do not go deep inside you, we do not go near any large blood vessels or other structures that are involved in complications with major surgery. We pull your tubes up just under the skin, fix them, dye test them and close your tummy up. The possibility of problems exists but is very unlikely that anything will happen that can’t be fixed over the phone. Tubal reversal is surgery and any surgery has risks but we feel the risks are few and manageable.

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