What is outpatient tubal ligation reversal?

When a woman has her tubes tied the tubes are not “tied” they are cut, burned or pinched off with clips, bands, or suture. There is also a newer type of tubal
ligation called an Essure tubal occlusion. We can reverse the Essure type of tubal occlusion. This is a separate type of procedure and those seeking reversal of the Essure contraceptive device should call for details.

The fallopian tubes carry the fertilized egg from the ovary to the uterus. When the fallopian tube is blocked of the sperm cannot get to the egg and the egg cannot get to the uterus. The woman does not get pregnant.

In the past several years several doctors have offered an outpatient tubal ligation reversal to sew the separated tubes back together to restore a woman’s fertility so she can try to get pregnant again. The tubal ligation reversal is a microsurgical operation done with high magnification. There are a few clinics, like ours, that have the know how to do this operation through a 2 to 3 inch opening right above the pubic hair line as an outpatient procedure. The expense of a hospital stay is avoided and the recovery is much easier because of the small incision. As far as know, there is only one clinic in the US the does tubal reversals and only tubal reversals and that is Lakeshore Surgical Center.

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