Why should you consider Lakeshore Surgical Center for your tubal ligation reversal?

Many, many of our emails have lists of questions prompted by other facilities websites. Do you use stents, do you use loupes or a microscope, do you have success rates available for someone in my particular situation, how long does it take you to do the operation, and so forth.

We used to recommend that patients with travel concerns just see if they could find someone locally for comfort reasons. For a number of reasons I now recommend that you go to somewhere like our clinic that does a lot of reversals. There are 3 or 4 centers that specialize in revversals and do the the procedure for less than 7000 dollars. I think that if you don’t come here (my favorite), go to one of the other clinics that do a lot of reversals. Tubal reversal surgery is one time that you can pay a lot more and get a lot less. I can guarantee that if you have decided on tubal reversal of a tubal ligation or an Essure procedure you need to come to one of the facilities in the southeastern United States. The nice man or woman who delivered your baby may tell you that they do reversals but this is one time where experience counts. We are not going to tell you that we are better than anyone else; we are not going to even hint that we are better. Doctors are not supposed to say that they are better than another doctor because it implies a guarantee of results and that is unethical.

We do some things that others may or may not do and I will tell you we are not sure if it makes a difference, we just feel that it improves our results and we have no argument with anyone who chooses to do tubal reversals differently. One advantage of using the dye test is that the dye washes the tubes out. After the tubes have been blocked for a while, they get filled with debris. You can see the debris come out of the tube as the dye pushes it out. The main reason we dye test is to make sure the tube is not only sewn together but it is sewn open.

We only do 1 or 2 reversals a day. We like it this way because we can concentrate on you and your surgery. If we look in your tummy and have something extra to do to improve your chances, we do it. There is no one behind you waiting so we do what is needed in each case. No charge to you whatsoever.

We dye test your tubes after your reversal is done to make sure they are open. It is expensive and time consuming but we feel it is important to make sure your tubes are open before we close your tummy and wake you up. We have no argument with anyone who chooses not to dye test tubes. We just want the special pleasure of telling you as soon as you wake up that your fallopian tubes are open. We sometimes find the tube is blocked and then we know we have to redo that fallopian tube. We did everything just right, the tube looks great, it’s just not open and needs to be redone.

We actually go in the opening inside your tube to sew it together. This is much harder to do than just sewing the outer layers together. The opening is very tiny and it is slow going but we feel the results are better. We also sew the outer layer of the fallopian tube separately from the inner muscular layer. This is another benefit of doing just one or two tubal ligation reversal a day. Some people feel that it’s okay to do it the shorter way and they may be right. We started seeing better results with the dye tests when we adopted this technique so that’s how we do our tubal ligation reversals now.

We have no surprise “add-on” expenses. You will not be asked to get your lab work done locally before you come. This can save as much as 500 dollars. There are no drug or anesthesia fees or any other extras. We do not charge extra if you have had previous surgeries or are more than your ideal body weight.

We are less than an hour from the Atlanta airport and this is a big plus for those that fly in because it is usually much cheaper to fly to Atlanta because it is a hub for flights going everywhere. If you are going to fly for your tubal ligation reversal compare the ticket costs on the web to different centers that you may be considering.

The suture [Gore-Tex], anesthetic gas [Sevoflurane], nausea medicine [Anzimet] are just about the most expensive you can buy, but we feel the results justify the cost. You put your trust in us by coming to us and we feel we owe it to you to use what we feel is best for you. If you go somewhere else for your tubal reversal the doctor may or may not use these things and you should not be concerned. We just feel that we have what we is best for our patients.

We have no add-on charges. You won’t be asked to get 500 dollars worth of lab tests before you come, which is all included. There are no extras, period.

There are only 4 surgery centers that I know of that do reversals for $7,000 dollars or less in the whole world. There are some others that will quote a fee in that range but then they add on for tests, anesthesia, or use of the facility. I assume the other facilities like ours are, as we are, busy all the time. Why on earth anyone who has all they can take care of would make inferences that another doctor was not doing as good a job or that they were doing something that would give a better result is beyond me.

The morning after your tubal reversal you will have a complete explanation of what was done in your particular case. You will be given a dated and signed official operative note that details your surgery. This is an official document that you should keep in a safe place.

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