Will I have to come for a consultation before my tubal reversal?

The simple answer is no. We do everything here, at no charge, the day before your tubal reversal

You only have to come here once. We can tell everything we need to know about you from your operative note and your completed health history form. Some facilities require you have lab work, at your own expense, we do not. Some require you to come for consultation before your reversal. We have had patients say that these consultations were expensive and basically the only thing that was discussed was the need for IVF.

You can always visit us before your reversal. It is best to plan on a weekday afternoon and to call first. You can tour the facility, meet us, ask all the questions you want and there is no charge to you. We are very proud of our tubal reversal facility and the nice people who work here.

Sometimes we are surprised when we open a women’s tummy. Things are better or sometimes worse than we expected. No amount of consultations or exams can tell everything about every patient in advance. The nice thing about having your tubal reversal at our clinic is that we never do more than 3 reversals a day. If we find something that needs to be fixed we have the time to do it and we will at no extra charge.

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