Tubal Reversal Cost

From time to time a prospective patient will call our facility and say something to the effect of “I really want to come to your facility for my reversal because of your reputation and the fact that you dye test the tubes during the reversal but so-and-so is less expensive”.

Our Case Management Specialists will point out that if you look at the hidden costs we are the less expensive choice.

  1. We provide a local hotel stay that give you a restaurant-style breakfast each morning.
  2. We do not have any consultation fees.
  3. We provide all pre-operative lab tests, this can be $500.00 if you have to pay for it.
  4. There are no other fees, charges or required expenditures…period.
  5. We are the only Tubal Reversal facility near a major airline center (Atlanta). Your ticket costs will probably be less than if you have to go to a less accessible airport.
  6. If you live in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana or Texas and are driving, we usually are closer than other major centers.

We have no argument with any doctor’s methods but the doctor’s at our facility sew the tube in layers with a minimum of 6 sutures in the inner layer. This sews the tube open as well as sewing it together.

We do a maximum of 3 cases a day, no more. The operation usually takes an hour and a half but we have, on occasion, taken 4 hours to do a difficult reversal. You can be assured that if your tubes can be fixed, we will do what it takes to reverse your tubes.

The dye test is another added benefit that we offer. It is time consuming, as well as an expensive addition that we do during all reversals because we feel it is absolutely necessary to insure that your tubes are not only open but open enough to function.

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