Essure and Adiana Tubal Occlusions

We have recently started doing Essure and Adiana reversals. As far as we know, our doctor’s were the first to successfully reverse an Essure tubal occlusion. The Essure occlusion device has only been available for 5 years and we are starting to get requests for reversal of this device which is supposed to be irreversible. The Adiana device does not leave a coil in the uterus and should be excellent for reversal.

The procedure needed to reverse the Essure occlusion is called a cornual implantation and this procedure was originally used to reverse patients who had damage done to their tubes in the area near the uterus.

The old way to do a cornual implantation was to open the uterus, pull the tube through the wall of the uterus and finally sew the uterus back closed. This type of operation was risky, required a hospital stay, and a large incision.

Our doctor’s here at Lakeshore Surgical Center have developed a way to get the same result through a 2 inch incision without opening the uterus. This is a safer method and does not require you to have a c-section to deliver your baby, which would be required if the uterus is opened.

To reverse an Essure occlusion, the Essure device first needs to be carefully removed. The next step is to make a perfectly round hole in the wall of the uterus. The final step uses a special instrument to sew the tube into the hole in the uterus from the outside.

Our doctor’s have done over 10 Essure reversals at the time of this writing, one patient is not pregnant yet, one got pregnant and miscarried, one has a positive pregnancy test and is due in February 2010, one has not gotten pregnant but has had x-rays and her tubes are open.

Patients who have had the Essure and Adiana occlusions should be excellent candidates for reversal because the Essure and Adiana occlusions processes do not destroy very much of the tube. The Essure and Adiana occlusions do block the tube right where it meets the uterus and that is a difficult place to work in but very possible with our special instruments our doctors designed for this type of reversal.

Another thing that makes us very optimistic about the Essure and Adiana reversals are that the part of the tube away from any occlusions do not change with time, as much as the part between the uterus and the occlusion. Patients who come to our facility to have the Essure and Adiana occlusion reversal surgery will be able to start trying to get pregnant with tubes that are in first class condition.

We have developed and will patent the special surgical devices that permits us to sew the tube both inside and outside the uterus. This firmly secures the tube, lessens the chance of scar tissue closing the tube and makes the uterus secure. We have no arguement with other techniques to do these Essure or Adiana reversals but we feel that sewing the tube to the back of the uterus, where it is not naturally located is not something that we can recommend to our patients.

The surgical charge for Essure and Adiana Reversal is slightly higher than our standard fee, because it takes two doctors to perform the procedure. Everything that is included with our regular reversals is included with our Essure and Adiana reversals, no consultation fees, no lab work to be paid by you out of your pocket, and the hotel stay is on us.

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