Tubal ligation reversal – making you comfortable is a top priority?

Whether you come to Lakeshore Surgical Center for your Tubal Ligation reversal or choose a different doctor, you should not experience a great deal of discomfort as long as your doctor can do your tubal ligation reversal through a mini-lap incision. This means it should be no more uncomfortable than tying the fallopian tubes in the first place. Furthermore, our practice has developed a unique way of doing outpatient tubal ligation reversals that minimizes postop discomfort. Our surgical center has been in operation in the same building since 1991. We have the skills to do an exceptional job of making you comfortable both physically and mentally. The easiest way to tell if a surgeon performs tubal ligation reversals through a mini-lap incision is the recovery time required. Typically a full laparotomy incision requires seversal days in the hospital and several weeks rest prior to returning to work. Our mini-lap tubal ligation reversal is done as an outpatient procedure and our patients usually return to work within 3-4 days.

We recommend you come the day before your tubal reversal so we can complete your preparations and allow you to get familiar with our wonderful staff. This visit should also put you at ease by familiarizing you with our state-of-the-art tubal reversal clinic. Getting settled in the surroundings that you will have your tubal ligation reversal is the first step in achieving your desired comfort level.

This visit also ensures that when you return to our surgery center the next morning for your tubal ligation reversal, all the preparations have been done and we have plenty of time for last minute questions or requests. The same nurse you met the day before will go with you to the operating room and be with you in recovery. We feel that it is important that you have a familiar face at all times.

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