What to expect during your Tubal Ligation Reversal

Timeline – The steps you need to take to have your tubal ligation reversed:

  1. Look over our website and decide if this is something you and your partner would like to do.
  2. Contact Lakeshore Surgical Center at 1-877-588-5594 or email us using our contact form and we will send you a Health History form and a Medical Release of Information for you to fill out so we can request a copy of the operative report from your tubal ligation. You can also download the forms directly from our website.
  3. One of our Doctors or a Case Management Specialists will review your records and call you to discuss your chances of success. This will give you the opportunity to discuss questions you may have about tubal reversal, IVF or other concerns.
  4. Before our doctor speaks with a patient we must have a health history form and an operative note, if one is available.
  5. Call us to schedule a surgery appointment.
    See: Schedule your visit with us.
  6. Make your travel arrangements if you are flying. Contact us if you need assistance. We recommend you plan on being at our clinic before noon the day before surgery. You should plan on leaving in the late afternoon the day following your procedure. If you are flying into Atlanta there is a shuttle service available from the airport and back. We highly recommend renting a car from the airport. We will schedule hotel reservations for the patient and person over the age of 18 who is accompanying you, after a deposit is paid.
    See: Accommodations during your stay with us.
  7. The day of pre-op you will be sent for a CBC and urinalysis. If you or your husband has engaged in high risk behavior, we recommend an AIDS and Hepatitis C screening. You will be given at the time of pre-op two Zantacs. We will go over the instructions in more detail the day of pre-op.
    See: Lab test for your procedure.
  8. Two weeks prior to the scheduled surgery date, we recommend that you stop taking all dietary supplements. You may still continue taking a multivitamin.
  9. We do not accept personal checks as a method of payment.
    See: Costs and payment options
  10. Two wekks prior to your appointment your complete payment needs to be in our office. If it’s not possible we will reschedule you for when it can be done. There is a $500.00 charge to change an appointment once it is confirmed and payment has been made.
  11. Come the day prior to your tubal reversal to meet us and tour our surgery center. We will get your paperwork completed and answer any last minute questions. This visit will also allow you to meet the nurses who will tend to you the following day.
  12. Come to our center for your tubal ligation reversal.
  13. We will check you the morning after your surgery to make sure everything is okay.
  14. Call us when your pregnancy test is positive!

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