DATE: September 1, 2020


I am a great believer in learning from patients and last week was an example. A patient contacted me about having a tubal reversal and wanted to know if tubal reversal increases the chance of miscarriage. The quick answer is definitely not. About 1 in 7 natural pregnancies ends in miscarriage. Most women have one or none, some have 3 or 4 before they have a baby.

The Truth About Miscarriages

A miscarriage is usually a genetic accident. When you and your partner conceive you both contribute genetic information that is coded like teeth in a zipper. With miscarriage, usually as the “zipper” closes, a tooth gets skipped and the genetic information on how to make the baby cannot be read properly and the baby does not develop properly. Tubal reversal does not make miscarriage more likely.


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