Important Facts About Fallopian Tubes After Tubal Ligation

Published September 30, 2020

Dr. Turner and I close the fallopian tube in two layers instead so they are not just sewn together but are also sewn open. The fallopian tubes have a central channel where the sperm from the male travels to the […]

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Experience Matters When it Comes To Tubal Ligations (and Their Reversals)

Published September 22, 2020

We received an inquiry from a patient that had gone to a local doctor for tubal reversal and had been told that he could not do a reversal when he tried because there was too much tube missing. The patient […]

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Why It’s Best to Keep Track of the First Day of Your Period

Published September 8, 2020

As we have talked to the over 3,400 patients who have come to our facility for a tubal reversal, I have noticed that many patients don’t know the first day of their last menstrual period. If you are thinking about […]

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Tubal Reversals Do NOT Promote Miscarriages

Published September 1, 2020

  I am a great believer in learning from patients and last week was an example. A patient contacted me about having a tubal reversal and wanted to know if tubal reversal increases the chance of miscarriage. The quick answer […]

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How We Utilize the Proper Needles for Your Procedure

Published August 24, 2020

Dr. Tuner and I have recently made some small changes in our technique for Essure reversal that have improved dye flow that we check at the ends of the operation before our patients wake up. We always have used a […]

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What To Do To Increase Chances of Pregnancy After Tubal Reversal

Published August 3, 2020

What can you do to increase your chances of pregnancy after the tubal reversal? If you decide on tubal reversal I hope you give us the opportunity to serve you. If you go somewhere else we wish you well, but […]

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Why You Should Choose Lakeshore Surgical for Your Tubal Ligation Reversal

Published July 8, 2020

We spend so much time talking with patients on Facebook, and in emails, I think we fail sometimes to explain a very important thing about the cost of tubal reversal. Sometimes, not always, you can pay less and get more. […]

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Some Thoughts on Essure Reversal Techniques

Published June 22, 2020

There’s something important that I feel needs to be said about Essure Reversals and the techniques we use at Lakeshore Surgical Center. While there are several ways to perform an Essure Reversal, some are better than others. For example, one […]

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When Weight Loss is Required, Increase Metabolism, Not Fads

Published May 22, 2020

Lowering Your BMI Because we are a licensed surgical center we have rules that involve patient’s weight. Our patients need to have a BMI (which is calculated from your weight and height) of 34 or less and a lot of […]

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What Sets Us Apart From Those Who Claim to Do What We Do

Published May 13, 2020

Our Method is Always Being Perfected About a year ago, Dr. Turner and I made two changes in our technique for Essure reversal. We never make big changes, but we try something minor to see if it improves results. The […]

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What I Know About Covid-19

Published April 30, 2020

I sent an email on March 18th of this year to family and friends about the virus problem affecting us. Like everything I say to anybody about medical matters, I rely only on sources that I know are reliable and […]

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Board Certified Tubal Reversal Surgeons

Published October 31, 2019

There was an article recently in USA Today that points out that 60% of all surgeries are done in same-day surgery centers. This is probably true and a great source of frustration for the hospital industry that has incredible political […]

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Have Questions About Tubal Reversal?

Published October 21, 2019

We recently opened a new way of communicating with patients by their phones and it has been revealing. Until now, most communications have been through our website and those that found us on our website had looked at several other […]

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Better Understanding Tubal Reversal Surgery – Scar Tissue & Adhesions

Published September 17, 2019

I feel a need to clarify two words that often come up in tubal reversal surgery. We hear patients use these words incorrectly so often that I worry if some websites are using them incorrectly and that’s where patients are […]

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Deciding to have a Tubal Reversal?

Published September 12, 2019

Dr. Turner and I have noticed that most of our patients have looked at several facilities before deciding to come to Lakeshore Surgical Center. On one hand, we feel flattered that people pick us over other choices but it has […]

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Does Tubal Reversal Increase The Risk of Ectopic Pregnancy?

Published July 23, 2019

If you decide on tubal reversal I hope you come to Lakeshore Tubal reversal. But wherever you decide to go, you need to be aware of a risk associated with the reversal. The reversal surgery has similar risks to a […]

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Why You Need an Experienced Tubal Reversal Surgeon

Published April 9, 2019

When we decided to only do tubal reversals in 2001, we frequently would hear patients say “I really like your website but I would prefer to have my reversal done locally because I have known my doctor for years and […]

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Published October 19, 2018

Why Essure Removal & Essure Reversal Is Cheaper at Lakeshore Surgical Center People have asked why we don’t charge more for Essure removals and Essure reversals. The simple answer is that the way we do both procedures is safer and […]

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Published October 2, 2018

Can Fibroids Increase the Risk of Miscarriage? We often have women who have been told they have fibroids and approximately 20%, or 1 out of five, women of reproductive age do have fibroids. They are almost always benign growths of […]

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Published September 24, 2018

Finding a Doctor That Specializes in Tubal Reversals The internet is a difficult place to look for health care services. I am saddened to say that we often see absurd claims made about the doctor’s experience. I have enough trouble […]

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Published August 7, 2018

Are There Tests for Age & Decreased Fertility? There is a recent article which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association which will change very dramatically how we use these tests. The authors measured pregnancy rates in […]

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Published May 31, 2018

Can I Have Reversal if I Have Thyroid Problems? We frequently have patients who have or who have had thyroid problems. We always encourage them to get their thyroid status evaluated. The two most common tests are the TSH test […]

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We Launched Our New Website!

Published February 21, 2018

We are so pleased to have launched our new website! Come check it out!

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Published October 9, 2017

Am I Too Old to Have a Tubal Reversal? The average age of our patients is 37. We only do tubal reversals on women and we just did our 3000th patient last summer. As a result of confining our practice […]

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Published October 4, 2017

Accredited Surgery Center Our surgical center is accredited like a hospital is. One of the requirements is that we compare our results to those of similar facilities. The accrediting organization, The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, comes to our […]

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Published September 29, 2017

Will Removing Essure Eliminate Symptoms? I have symptoms that I believe are due to my Essures. How do I tell if removal will make them go away? Bayer, the current manufacturer of Essures has announced that they will no longer […]

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Published October 26, 2016

Success Rates There is an ad on the internet that says the doctor has a 98% success rate. What’s that all about? What this doctor should have explained is that 98% of the time he or she can complete the […]

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Published May 4, 2016

Are There Benefits to Robotic Tubal Reversal? My doctor referred me to a local group for robotic surgery to reverse my tubal ligation but it is very expensive, what do you think? There are no advantages to either robotic or […]

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Published February 25, 2016

It seems since you started doing Essure Reversals that a lot of people have started following your lead, do you wish you had not gone public when you did the first one? Dr. Turner and I did the first Essure […]

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Published January 19, 2016

Questions About Tubal Reversal I have a bunch of questions about tubal reversal. Can I call and get answers? Absolutely, we are open and available by phone during normal business hours. If you call in advance, you can come to […]

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