DATE: October 26, 2016

Success Rates

There is an ad on the internet that says the doctor has a 98% success rate. What’s that all about?

What this doctor should have explained is that 98% of the time he or she can complete the reversal. This does not mean that 98% of their patients get pregnant; just that they can do a reversal and send a patient home with their tubes reversed, ready to try and get pregnant.

To me, this is deceptive because it might lead you to expect if you go there you have a 98% chance of getting pregnant. We have a chart on our web site that shows the pregnancy rates for different tubal ligation types at different ages. Your chances are 70-80% up to age 40 and then your chances are about 40%.

We just completed our 3000th reversal and we can reverse and dye test 99% of our patients.

When we had done 2500 patients we reviewed our success and created a chart for you to see what our experience has been. We do only microsurgical procedures on women and that’s all we have done for the past 15 years.

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