Because we do only tubal reversals and Essure removals we keep close track of the almost 3000 patients that it has been our privilege to serve.

Factors That Can Affect Success Rates

Everyone considering a tubal reversal wants to know what their chances of having a baby will be, and that should be part of the decision making process. Everyone is different and the numbers below reflect the average of our patients. Your chances may be better or worse depending on your fertility or lack of it. Various factors can affect your chances of success. For example, if your mother’s side had twins or if you are a twin, that is good. If you got pregnant on the pill or the shot, that is very good. If it was easy for you to get pregnant before you had your tubes were tied, you probably have better than average chances to get pregnant with a reversal. Nothing is a guarantee but these things are helpful. Age and the type of tubal ligation you had are also important factors.

There are 3 sections below. The first section is broken up by age. All types of tubal ligations are lumped together. As you can see, it’s better to be younger. The second group is organized by tubal ligation type. As you can see, some types of tubal ligation are more common. The Pomeroy and Parkland (“ligation and resection”) are the most frequent, and if you had your tubes tied right after delivery or during a c-section, that is almost certainly your type of ligation. The third section combines age and tubal ligation type.

Understanding the Numbers

If you compare these results with those reported by other facilities, please remember that we do not include ectopic (tubular) pregnancies in our pregnancy totals while most other facilities do. We feel this is deceptive because no ectopic ever results in a live baby and our ectopic rate is only 2.25%, not 10% to 30% like most other people have.

Finally, these are absolute totals. We do not eliminate people who are not trying to conceive or had a reversal for religious reasons.  If we lose track of a patient, we consider them as not having gotten pregnant.

Success Rates By Age

Age Total Cases Pregnant* (Number) Pregnant (Percentage)
-30 461 334 73%
30-34 860 681 79%
35-39 816 505 63%
40+ 285 120 42%

*Includes Pregnant & Miscarriage Does Not Include Ectopic (Only 2.25%)

Success Rates by Type of Tubal Ligation

Method Total Cases Pregnant* (Number) Pregnant (Percentage)
Ring/Clip 377 274 73%
Ligation/Resection 1479 986 67%
Cautery (Burn) 580 353 61%

*Includes Pregnant & Miscarriage Does Not Include Ectopic (Only 2.25%)

Success Rates by Age & Type of Tubal Ligation

Age Ring/Clip Ligation/Resection Cautery (Burn)
-30 63/84 84% 185/228 81% 76/105 72%
30-34 107/141 76% 428/567 75% 136/202 67%
35-39 83/112 74% 307/466 66% 115/196 59%
40+ 17/42 40% 76/180 42% 28/78 36%


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